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We Enjoy Being Around Happy People

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Holiday Alert:  Only 7 days until Thanksgiving, and 39 sleeps until Christmas.

SAFETY DRIVING TIP: Wet leaves covering a road can be slippery when you’re applying your car breaks and/or turning your wheels.  Please be careful ….. you know how I do worry.

Glenn Strange

PS – Don’t miss your Thanksgiving BONUS at the very end.

Nonsense = Wisdom:
1) Artificial Intelligence usually beats real stupidity.
2) The early bird who catches the worm works for someone who comes in late and owns the worm farm.
3) What is a free gift? Aren’t all gifts free?

Turning a Good Day Into a Bad Day:
A police officer pulls over a driver and informs him that he has just won $5,000 in a safety competition, all because he is wearing his seatbelt.

“What are you going to do with the prize money?” the officer asks.

The man responds, “I guess I’ll go to driving school and get my license.”

His wife says, “Officer, don’t listen to him. He’s a smart aleck when he’s drinking.”

The guy in the back seat pops up out from under the blanket and says, “I knew we wouldn’t get far in this stolen car.”

Just then a knock comes from the trunk, and a voice calls out, “Are we over the border yet?”

Quote from Glenn’s Client
“Our Annual Chamber of Commerce Dinner was a huge success. Glenn gave our members the perfect show. He provided good clean fun, great audience participation, amazing magic, and great comedy.  It was excellent.”
        V. W. Cross, President
Phenix City-Russell County Chamber of Commerce

If you’re in the Birmingham area, you should not miss this fun evening of laughter, great music, and magic. Three on a String – Home for Christmas: Laughing all the Way! With The Warblers! Something Else Trio! and myself. December 12, at the beautiful Lyric Fine Arts Theatre, in Birmingham, AL. Tickets available now at
Don’t forget, “Three On a String” will also be at the beautiful “Newberry Opry House” in Newberry, SC, on January 6, 2018. Great music and hilarious comedy. Tickets to this event make great Christmas gifts for your special friends.  Tickets fit all sizes. Available now at

PPS – Your Bonus: One of My Favorite Holiday Tales:
Bob in Birmingham calls his son in New York just before Thanksgiving and tells him, ‘I am sorry to tell you, but your mother and I are divorcing.  I cannot take any more of her moaning and complains.  We can’t stand the sight of each other anymore.’  I’m first telling you, Sam, because you’re the eldest, please call your sister in Chicago and gently break it to her.

When Sam calls his sister Julie, she says: ‘No way are they getting divorced, I’m taking the first flight I can get, and I’ll be at their house before Thanksgiving. I suggest you do the same and together we’ll talk some sense into them.’

Julie phones here parents and tells them both ‘You must NOT get divorced. Promise you won’t do anything until Sam, and I get over there. We’ll be with you tomorrow.  Until then, don’t take any action, please listen to me’, and she hangs up.

The father puts down the phone and turns to his wife and says. ‘Good news’ he says, ‘Sam and Julie are coming for Thanksgiving, and they’re paying their way.’







Even a Chipmunk Needs a Best Friend

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

My magician friend Jim uses doves in his show. He has a very nice air-conditioned workshop located behind his home were he builds quality magic illusions. In his workshop among many woodworking tools is a large dove cage. Jim loves animals and he takes extremely good care of his doves, and makes sure they’re happy. He spends time with each bird and gives them all plenty of exercise.


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