products-book“You’ve Got Mail” Jokes, Puzzles, and Funny Stories!


You’ll enjoy this compilation of Glenn’s favorite e-mail jokes, puzzles, & funny stories. This book makes the perfect bathroom reader. Why? Because you will laugh out loud, thereby increasing the blood flow throughout your lower body. That, along with the strategically located stopping points throughout the book, and your legs are GUARANTEED to never go to sleep. No other book will dare make these claims.

When you have Glenn’s program for your event, why not make each attendee a gift of “You’ve Got Mail” to take home? Call to pre-order and receive quantity discount pricing.

*WARNING* This 180-page book contains only CLEAN material. May cause laughter. shortness of breath, and watering of one or both eyes. Some laboratory rats have experienced stomach cramps.


Time Sensitive Wisdom Minibook


Glenn’s quotes and other assorted isms of sense & nonsense will make you think, smile, and grin out loud.
Documented quotes of Benjamin Franklin, Will Rogers, and Albert Einstein exemplify their keen intelligence, inventiveness, wit, and wisdom. Their quotes are timeless and will continue to be appropriate for centuries to come. These men were the inspiration behind Glenn’s decision to document his personal sense & nonsense quotes and other assorted isms, into a fun easy to read wee-book, titled “Time Sensitive Wisdom”. Experts say, “Glenn’s quotes are indeed time sensitive, and with any luck, could be appropriate for as much as a decade.”


Ultimate Magician’s Scissors: Twice Sharpened


You will love this scissors! No matter if you’re a magician or a normal everyday person that requires a sharp pair of scissors in your kitchen, in your workshop, or for your hobby, Magicians understand the importance of having a dependable pair of scissors that are capable of effortlessly cutting through tough rope time and time again. A magician fumbling with a dull cheep pair of scissors can quickly lower the energy level of a fast paced magic show. Those seconds of dead time can feel like hours to an audience. Why are these scissors so GREAT?

  • Twice sharped and they stay sharp.
  • Capable of cutting rope at very tip.
  • Right and left hand friendly.
  • Strong stainless blades that do not spring apart.
  • Durable easy grip handles.
  • Designed to have an extremely powerful cut.
  • Very light weight, & comfortable in your pocket.
  • Do not weight your jacket down.
  • Just the right size.
  • Safety points.
  • Fully hardened blades.

Here’s What some people are saying about these scissors:
“I really like your scissors! They cut through like butter even the super large rope I bought years ago from Supreme and use for my knot routine. I am sending you a check for two sets. Guess you know the review is going to be really positive!”
Phil Willmarth, Linking Ring Executive Editor Durham, NC

“I LOVE your scissors! For years, I have experience frustration with the scissors I have used for a cut and restored rope effect. Well, we first used your scissors in a series of six stage performances for mixed audiences. The difference was incredible. All the “old” scissors are going back to the kitchen drawer. I wish I had your Twice Sharpened Magician Scissors years ago.”
Charlie Fass, Professional magician Roseville, Ca

“Your Scissors are the “BEST” and I have purchased scissors for three times the price that were not as good.”
Kennard Chandler, Professional magician Bradenton FL

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