A Little Known Fact

A little known fact: The word “gullible” is not in the dictionary.


For many years, I was the top door-to-door security alarms salesman. The trick was to leave a brochure on the kitchen table when no one was home.

Big Johnny Applies for a Job:

Interviewer: “In the beginning, you’ll be earning $30,000.00, later on, it can go up to $60,000.00.”

Big Johnny: “OK, I’ll come again later then.”

Successful Events:

An event without laughter is one that will be forgotten. Make plans today for your next event to be fun and remembered.
Call direct at 864-708-1464, or contact your favorite booking agent or speaker bureau, and ask for Glenn Strange Entertainment.

A Real Friend:

Two friends are walking in a park when a mugger stops them with a gun. “Give me all your money!” demands the mugger.

Both get out their wallets, but one of the friends slaps his forehead, “I totally forgot, Joe, I still owe you 150 dollars! Here you are!”

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