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Best Job In the World

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

The TV weather-person has to be the best job in the world. They never get fired for being wrong, they receive praises when they call it right, and their boss lets them play outside when it snows.

WEATHER ALART: It’s snowing in SC tonight. Please remember to keep fresh unfrozen water and food for your outside pets, the wild birds, and the TV weather people. They’re all outside and unable to care for themselves.


Good Foot Brian Williams …. What a Guy

Saturday, February 14th, 2015


I first met Brian Williams in 2004, where we finished 5th and 6th in the New York City Marathon. We became best friends in 2005, at the Quebec Winter Triathlon. Where he twisted his ankle on a used water bottle and was ready to give up. I threw him on my back and we tied for 9th.

Brian was devastated because he believed, and was convinced he would be unable to compete in running events for at least a year. After all, that’s what his doctor, Dr. Oz had told him. Brian was slipping into a deep depression. He was losing his passion for running.

I had to do something, and do it quickly. That’s when I came up with the brilliant idea that Brian and I would team up to go on the Southeastern Three Legged Sack Race Circuit. Just to verify my plan, I contacted my personal friend, Dr. Phil. He was in the middle of show taping, but for some reason, on that day he took my call during a commercial break. He agreed that my plan of competing in Three Legged Sack Races would be a good activity to keep Brian from depression. He also said, he wished he had thought of it. Little did I know how competitive Brian would be by using just his good foot.

That 2005 summer we entered and won every Three Legged Sack Race on the Southeastern Circuit. Over 23 races within a 16 week period. It was an extremely tiring, demanding, and grueling schedule. Lots of farm day festivals, county fairs, and medium size church picnics.

23 first place wins! I don’t think I’ve every witnessed anyone equal to Brian’s strong determination, confidence, and his laser like focus. … Brian Williams …. what a guy.

So, now you know where the slogan, “Put Your Best Foot Forward”  came from…. Thank you,  Brian Williams …. what a guy.

written and lied by Glenn Strange 2015ⓒ

Poor Customer Service

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

I wasted at least 30 minutes in this restaurant’s restroom, and no one …… not a single McDonald’s employee came in to wash my hands. You’d think a major fast-food chain with a menu item called “Happy Meal” would understand the importance of keeping their customers happy. Just another example of improperly trained employees and poor customer service. When I complained to the manager, he looked me straight in the eyes like I was the idiot.

Customer Service

Unexpected Government Shut Down Effects

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

After Pop-Tart number 2, I realized the toaster-oven timer had stopped working. Evidently a result of the government shut-down. WARNING: Pop-Tarts are flammable.

The 3 Rules of Real Estate Investing

Monday, February 6th, 2012

I recently visited my friend Danny Williams. Danny’s a great guy. He runs a very successful third generation family-owned hardware store. Danny’s granddaddy, Louis Williams, opened the store back in 1928. During World War ll, the business served as a collection place for people to bring their scrap metal for the war cause. Today, the business is still going strong as a hardware store. Even with stiff competition from the nearby giant chain hardware and building supply stores. One reason Danny’s business is success is that Danny loves people and always goes out of his way to give great customer service. Everyone that comes in the store is made to feel welcomed and appreciated. The day I was there, Danny was all excited and telling me about a nearby house that was for sale at a ridiculous low price. He’d heard about it from Tony Bell, one of his plumbing contractor customers. Danny hadn’t seen the house, but he was pretty sure he was going to buy it as an investment.

Several weeks go by and I’m back in Danny’s store.  I asked him if he bought the house he was telling me about.  He said he had, but he was beginning to have second thoughts about it being a good investment.  He said he had to hire a crew of 4 men to haul off the junk and trash that was in and around the house. Everything from a front porch harvest gold Whirlpool refrigerator, to a Ford Econo mini van lawn bench, to the Walmart shopping buggy that had been modified into an open fire BBQ grill. They lost count of the beer cans, somewhere around three hundred fifty. Filled up five dump truck loads, not pickup loads, but dump truck loads of junk.  They started working at 6:30 that morning and at 4:30 that afternoon, the head cleanup guy called Danny and ask,  “What you want to do with your dog?”  After a long silence, Danny’s reply, “What dog – I don’t own a dog?”  “The one that’s in the backyard chained to a dog house,” answered the head cleanup guy. Danny instructed them to take the dog to the County Humane Society Animal Shelter and Adoption Center, and to hurry, because they close at five on Fridays.”

Danny told me, he’d learned the 3 Rules of Real-Estate Investing,  “First, don’t buy a house after sundown. Second, don’t buy a house that’s cheaper than a motorcycle, and third, don’t buy a house that comes with a dog.”

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