Laughter’s Free and It Feels Good

Today is August 31. Imagine if the month of August only had 30 days, today would be September 1.

There’s only, 63 days until Halloween, 86 days until Thanksgiving, and 118 days until Christmas.

Safety Reminder: Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car.  Please be careful …..  you know how I worry. ​​​

Glenn Strange

PS – Don’t miss your BONUS joke at the very end.

Wisdom Bits:
1) To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as being right in doing it.
2) The closest to perfection a person ever comes is when they fill out a job application.
3) The rate at which a person can mature is directly proportional to the embarrassment they can tolerate.

What Does a …..:
What does a graduate student with a science degree ask?
“Why does it work?”
What does a graduate student with an engineering degree ask?
“How does it work?”
What does a graduate student with an accounting degree ask?
“How much will it cost?”
What does a graduate student with a liberal arts degree ask?
“Do you want fries with that?”​

Quote from Glenn’s Client
“Your magic and comedy appealed to both children and adults, and that made the evening a tremendous success.”
        Doris Hydrick
Alabama Manufactured Housing Institute​

What’s the Key to Making
Your Event a Success?

Call 864-439-1369
Just hit *Info*

PPS – Your Bonus:Husband – “Hello?”
Wife – “Honey, it’s me. Are you at the club?”
Husband – “Yes.”
Wife – “Great! I am at the mall two blocks from where you are. I just saw a beautiful mink coat. It’s absolutely gorgeous!! Can I buy it?”
Husband –“What’s the price?”
Wife – “Only $1,500.00.”
Husband – “Well, OK, go ahead and get it, if you like it that much…”
Wife – “Ahhh, and I also stopped by the Mercedes dealership and saw the new models.  I saw one I really liked.  I spoke with the salesman, and he gave me an excellent price…and since we need to exchange the BMW that we bought last year…”
Husband – “What price did he quote you?”
Wife – “Only $75,000…”
Husband – “OK, but for that price, I want it with all the options.”
Wife – “Great! But before we hang up, something else…”
Husband – “What?”
Wife – “It might look like a lot, but I was reconciling your bank account and…I stopped by the real estate agent this morning and saw the house we had looked at last year.  It’s on sale!!  Remember?  The one with a pool, English Garden, an acre of park area, beachfront property.”
Husband – “How much are they asking?” Wife – “Only 4.5 million – a magnificent price…”
Husband – “Well, then go ahead and buy it, but just bid 4.2 million. OK?”
Wife – “OK, sweetie…Thanks! I’ll see you later!! I love you!!!”
Husband – “Bye…I love u too…” The man hangs up, and raises his hand while holding the phone and asks to all those present: “Does anyone know who this phone belongs to?”

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