Little Johnny Hits Again

Little Johnny’s teacher asks him to make a sentence using the following words: defeat, deduct, defense and detail.

Little Johnny says, “De feet of de duck went over de fence before de tail.”

The Way It Is:

Occasionally, women call me ugly. But that’s only until they hear how much
money I make. – Then they call me poor and ugly.

What People Say About Glenn:

“Your show is hilariously funny, clean, and doesn’t offend anyone. That mix is hard to find these days and very refreshing. Our entire group raved about your magic act.”
Sarah Percival
Fluor Daniel Engineering, Inc.

PPS – Bonus Joke:

Harry was thrilled. After seeing a psychologist for over three years, he was
finally pronounced free to go. “Wow this is so exciting you mean I am finally cured?!” “You mean I no longer have an inferiority complex!”

“Well,” said the psychologist slowly, “to be perfectly honest. I don’t
think you ever had an inferiority complex. After much thought. I believe you really are inferior!”

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